When many car manufacturers and brands bring in a model to the Philippines, it always comes with the intent to sell it to the public, whether it be an economy car or a full on supercar.

Not so for Lexus Manila, not so for the LFA.

Lexus LF-A

At an exclusive event at their showroom in Bonifacio Global City, Lexus Manila, Inc. revealed the first LFA in the Philippines to members of the press and valued customers. The model on display is actually not for sale, as the Philippines has only been allocated one unit of Lexus's first supercar and one of only three countries in the region (Singapore and Brunei being the other two) to have an allocation.

"We want to share this rare and priceless automobile with the discerning public our doors will be open to showcase the LFA, the ultimate testament to everything that Lexus is capable of," explains Lexus Manila Chairman, Mr. Alfred Ty.

Lexus LF-A cutaway

The LFA's body and chassis is entirely made of carbon fiber instead of aluminum; the latter being a material deemed 'too heavy' for Lexus's maiden supercar. The car is powered by a Formula One-derived 4.8 liter V10, able to rev to 9,000 rpm in 0.6 seconds, develops 560 horsepower, accelerates to 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.7 seconds and can reach 325 km/h.

"The LFA is a thoroughbred supercar unlike any other before it," said Mr. Haruhiko Tanahashi, the chief engineer from the Lexus group at Toyota Motor Corporation, the guest of honor at the event. "Astonishingly lightweight, powerful and balanced, it is engineered to achieve one single goal - to deliver a truly supreme driving experience."

Toyota and Lexus executives were in full force for the launch of their most powerful car to date, as Mr. Alfred Ty was joined by TMP President Mr. Michinobu Sugata, TMP Executive Vice President Mr. Yuji Goto, TMP First Vice President Mr. Raymond Rodriguez, and Lexus Manila, Inc. President Mr. Daniel Isla.

"[The LFA] embodies everything that the Lexus brand stands for and everything that Lexus is capable of," concludes LMI President Mr. Isla.

Lexus LF-A Interior

Customers and enthusiasts can view the Lexus LFA at the Lexus Manila Showroom in Bonifacio Global City.


Q: What does "LFA" mean?
A: Lexus Fuji Apex, with Fuji representing the Fuji Speedway

Q: When was it developed?
A: Lexus began developing the car in 2000, and underwent trials at the famed Nurburgring.

Q: How much is the LFA locally?
A: All Lexus LFA units are already pre-sold.