A new advisory issued on Twitter last December 23, 2014 by the National Government has overruled an earlier announcement by the City of Makati which initially stated that they are only lifting the number coding scheme on selected days only for the nearly two-week holiday break. Number coding is now lifted for the whole of Metro Manila.

However, like the earlier MMDA announcement, they have also failed to take into account that January 3 and 4 is a Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Nonetheless the advisory is a welcome announcement for motorists who plan to use their vehicles to drive around Metro Manila during the long break.

Below is the original announcement of Makati City, this has now been superceded.

The cities of Makati and Las Pinas, which are part of Metro Manila use a modified traffic code which is different from the rest of the metropolis. They do not have window hours for vehicles to travel during their number coding days. And they usually do not follow the lifting of number coding as advised by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA).