Once again, the Nurburgring lap record has been rewritten months after Lamborghini set the fastest production car record with the Huracan Performante. This time around, the record goes to McLaren courtesy of their ultra-exclusive P1 LM hypercar. The McLaren P1 LM was able to blitz around the Nordschlife in 6 minutes and 43.2 seconds thanks to a new tune and the collaboration with Lazante Motorsport. 

The new modifications made by the engineers over at McLaren involve increasing displacement of the 3.8-liter biturbo V8 found in the standard P1 to 4.0-liters for the P1 LM. The turbos have also been reworked to produce more boost, which mated with the up rated hybrid system, delivers a combined output 1,000 horsepower and 1050 Nm of torque.

Nurburgring lap record rewritten once again by McLaren P1 LM

To be able to set the record breaking lap, the P1 LM had to undergo a diet as well. By using even more lightweight materials such as Lexan windows, lightweight seats replicated from the P1 GTR, and the removal of race parts, the LM weighs only 1,390kg, 60kg lighter than the P1 GTR. Design wise, the aerodynamics and styling of the P1 GTR have been largely carried over to the LM, but with modifications to the rear wing, a larger front splitter and dive planes. Overall, the new aero is said to increase downforce by 40%.

Despite the aggressive aero and styling, the P1 LM is still a street-legal vehicle. That said, inside the P1 there are still creature comforts to be found such as air-conditioning. Orange Alcantara leather meanwhile is used on the seat inserts and door pulls on the orange cars and black on the gray ones, giving occupants some comfort while on the road.

Nurburgring lap record rewritten once again by McLaren P1 LM

For those interested in the more hardcore and street-legal P1 LM, well tough luck as McLaren will only be producing 5 units of it, all of which have already been sold. With manufacturers building cars to ever go faster, it begs the question as to how long will the new record set by the P1 LM stand. Watch the record breaking run on here.