Making record times on "The Green Hell" will soon be allowed again after Capricorn Nurburgring GmbH (CNG), the group managing the infamous track, announced that they will lift the imposed speed limits and that the track will be made safer.

To make it possible, CNG presented a comprehensive set of measures that aim to redesign and make the dangerous sections of the track safer for both drivers and spectators.

“Safety on the Nordschleife during races, but also during test drives of the industry and during tourist ride sessions, is our highest priority,” said Carsten Schumacher, Managing Director of CNG.

A total of 16 developments are planned to be implemented starting from November until the beginning of the 2016 season.

CNG did not elaborate on the planned changes but the group did say that the double-hander at Flugplatz and the famous jump at the Quiddelbacher Hohe will get significant changes on its track surface.

“Based on detailed measurement, we will renew the track surface in the Flugplatz section over a length of about 500 metres, smoothing out five bumps which are the result of years of high utilization and heavy use of the Nordschleife,” added Carsten Schumacher.

Moreover, CNG will also put up additional guardrails and fencing along the Dottinger Hohe section to better protect the adjacent public road.

The planned changes come after the tragic accident that occurred during the recent VLN Endurance Championship where Jann Mardenbrough's GT-R Nismo GT3 race car went over the fence, killing a spectator and injuring others.

CNG will now submit the proposed measures to the German motor sport association DMSB in a form of an application. It will then be forwarded to the Circuit Commission of the Federation International Automobile (FIA).