Tired of replacing your shock absorbers? Worry no more, O-sulee Spring Cushion, a revolutionized product from Taiwan, is here to helps us prolong the life span of our shock absorbers in our vehicle.

O-Sulee Spring Cushion (with patent no. M343597) is made up of thermoplastic elastomer (rubber) which exhibits superiority in mechanical and thermal properties in a wide range of conditions. And what makes elastomer special is that they can be stretched to many times their original length, and can bounce back into their original shape without permanent deformation.

The O-Sulee Spring Cushion is made up of 54 degrees of hardness, which results to its resistance to cracking and oxidation. So how O-Sulee Spring Cushion helps our vehicles? O-Sulee Spring Cushion works in our shocks absorbers as a support and brace to the spring, which provides resistance to movements that dampens spring oscillation.

By installing O-Sulee Spring Cushion in our vehicle, you can be assured that your shock absorber will last for long. It is safe, efficient and easy to use compared to other products. All you need to do is to clip the O-Sulee product on every spring of your shock absorbers, using water and soap only. And after, you'll be surprised on how the product really works on your shocks!

O-Sulee Spring Cushion helps reduces the damaged of your shock absorbers and smoothens the bumpy ride of your vehicle. But it doesn't stop there. It also protects the spring and the shock absorber from early rupture and aging due to traveling on rough and uneven surfaces. This occurs when the vehicle is traveling to rough and winding roads, shock absorbers spring at this time will be pulled up to its maximum, and when you're back traveling on smooth surface, the shock absorber will eventually turned down. Hence, the incident may even lead to hydraulic control oil spills and damage the shock absorber rubber gasket. The good news is O-Sulee Spring Cushion helps avoid that incident, when the spring is moved up, the spring cushion will take away the momentum from the spring, thus lessen its impact.

And lastly, O-Sulee Spring Cushion handles the spring under pressure. This happens when you suddenly forced to steps on the brake of your vehicle while driving. The front shock absorber spring will squeezed down, and all the weight of your vehicle will be pushed forward. The faster the speed of your vehicle, the longer the distance it will travel before it stops. But with O-Sulee Spring Cushion installed in your vehicle, it minimized the distance traveled by your vehicle when you suddenly steps on the brakes, and reduces the offset center of gravity which results to the tail flicking of the vehicle that may result to accidents.

Healthy Living is the local distributor of the O-Sulee Spring Cushion products that distributes the popular golden clam food supplement. To know more about O-Sulee Spring Cushion, you may call up their sales office at 241-9602 or 230-8770. Email at [email protected]