Have you been wondering what Ford vehicles will cost this year?

Don't fret as Ford Philippines has just officially released the 2018 pricing for their vehicles with the new excise taxes already factored in. Like other manufacturers, almost all models on Ford's lineup will see an increase in price but there are some that havent changed much. There is also one Ford model that will have lower prices thanks to the exemption on pick-up trucks.

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Retaining last year's prices are Ford's sedans and hatchbacks, the Fiesta and the Focus. Also, Ford Philippines has not dropped any variants for the B- and C-segment offerings, meaning the variants for these cars are carried over for the 2018 model year.

While the smaller cars in the line-up don't get price increases, the US-built offerings such as Expedition, Explorer and Mustang will get substantial price hikes. Getting the biggest price increase is the Expedition, going up by Php 503,000. The Mustang's price went up by Php 250,000 for the GT variant and Php 163,000 for the EcoBoost model. Meanwhile, Explorer prices increased by Php 140,000 for both variants.

As for the EcoSport and Everest, both these models experienced a smaller price increase. Depending on the variant, EcoSport went up by Php 50,000 to Php 53,000. As for the Everest, the range-topping Titanium variants had a smaller price increase compared to the Trend and Ambiente.

Ford Ranger

Like some other automakers, the Ranger truck will have lower prices for this year. Depending on the variant, the Ranger prices went down by Php 41,000 to Php 141,000.