Looking to buy a Chevy soon but not quite sure yet how much it will cost? Fret not as Chevrolet Philippines has finally released their revamped price list for 2018 with the new excise taxes already factored in.

As expected, most of Chevrolet's vehicles received a significant price hike. Beginning with the humble Spark, the LT models went up by Php 46,000 to Php 52,000. However, the the top-of-the-range LTZ model with CVT is now priced Php 96,000 higher than before.

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The B-segment Sail gets a moderate price increase of Php 59,000 and above, depending on the model.


But perhaps one of the most affected by the new excise tax is the recently refreshed Trax. The range-topping LT variant gets a whopping Php 177,000 price increase while the entry-level LS received a more reasonable Php 62,000 price hike.


Over to the Trailblazer, Chevy's PPV fighter also acquired a relative jump in price across its lineup. The entry-level LT with a manual gearbox saw a price increase of Php 240,000. However, the range-topping Z71 has a more moderate price hike of Php 117,000.

Benefiting from the new excise tax is the Colorado pickup as the top-of-the-line LTZ models received a price drop that ranges between Php 74,000 and Php 118,000. Strangely, the price of the entry-level model 2.5 LT with manual transmission actually went up by Php 81,000.


The Suburban also gets a significant drop in price, with the top-spec LTZ 4x4 getting nearly a million pesos off its sticker price.

Retaining their prices from 2017 however are the Cruze, Captiva and Malibu. With the all-new Cruze set to make its local debut soon, it's no surprise Chevy decided to keep its price unchanged.