As manufacturers continue to adjust prices for the excise tax, Kia is the next to officially announce their prices for 2018. With the new taxes in place, the Korean automaker sees prices going up across the entire range. However, there are some that retain their 2017 prices. Also seen are some revisions to the local line-up.

Retaining their 2017 prices are two specific variants of the Grand Carnival and the Sorento. Grand Carnival 2.2 7-seater and Grand Carnival 2.2 7-seater with Leather models do not get price adjustments, at least for now. The 11-seater Carnival however sees a price increase of Php 15,000.

Kia 2018 price 1 Kia 2018 price 1

It also seems like the Philippines will soon be getting the updated Sorento soon, as the price guide states that it will come with an eight-speed automatic. To be made available by mid-February, the price stated is the same as the six-speed automatic variant. Also, there will no longer be an all-wheel drive version of the mid-sized crossover.

Least affected by the excise tax is the smallest, most affordable car in the local Kia range. Prices for the Picanto bump up by Php 10,000 to Php 11,000, depending on the variant. Moving up one size class, prices for the Kia Rio are up by Php 11,000 to Php 20,000, again, depending on the model grade. One may have noticed that the Forte range is missing from the list. It looks like Kia Philippines has dropped the C-segment sedan, hatch and coupe from the local line-up. They may likely be preparing to introduce the newly debuted Forte which made its world premiere in Detroit just last weekend.

Moving on to crossovers, the B-segment Soul price increase of Php 20,000 for the entry-level variant, to Php 45,000 to the top-spec version. Most affected by the excise tax is the C-segment Sportage and this model range also sees the removal of one variant. A Php 20,000 increase is seen on the entry-level Sportage but the mid-spec model gets the biggest hike at Php 80,000. The top of the line Sportage goes up in price by Php 30,000 and the all-wheel drive variants has been dropped for 2018.

Lastly, the K2500 commercial trucks, despite not being affected by the new excise tax rates, also get their respective SRPs adjusted too, save for one variant. Apart from the single cab aluminum var version of the K2500, prices for the rest of the range go up by Php 10,000 to Php 37,000, depending on the configuration.