Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota, is the first of the premium marques to reveal their prices with the excise tax in place. Across the board, a majority of the range saw prices go down with only three cars going up in their respective suggested retail prices. These prices can be seen in Toyota Motor Philippines' official website.


The three cars that went up in price are the LC500 grand touring coupe, the IS350 sedan (non-F Sport), and the LX570 SUV. The suggested retail price of the LC500 goes up by Php 439,000 while the LX570 sees an increase of Php 520,000. Going up in price the least is the non-F Sport IS350 with a Php 260,000 increase.

Official: Lexus prices go up (and down) with 2018 excise taxes

Lexus' hybrid offerings get a significant price cut with the new excise tax in place. At Php 1,190,000 off, the RX450h has the largest decrease for its SRP. Not far behind is the GS450h with Php 1,130,000 taken out of its 2017 price. Meanwhile, the NX300h is Php 450,000 less than last year. Lexus has also released the adjusted pricing for the CT200h and CT200h Sport.

Official: Lexus prices go up (and down) with 2018 excise taxes

As for the rest of the non-hybrid range, they all see price deductions. The IS350 F Sport is Php 60,000 less while the ES350 is also Php 60,000 more affordable. It's coupe counterpart, the IS350, also has its prices cut by Php 60,000. The high-performance RC-F and RC-F carbon edition get significant changes in their prices at Php 400,000 and Php 830,000 less.

Official: Lexus prices go up (and down) with 2018 excise taxes

Prices of the GS 350 F Sport have been slashed by Php 307,000 while the GS-F prices have been lowered by Php 310,000. The RX 350 gets a Php 60,000 price cut from its 2017 SRP but the RX350 F Sport gets an even larger price reduction at Php 280,000 off. Last but not the lease is the GX460 with prices reduced by Php 320,000.


Prices for the non-hybrid NX300s remain the same at Php 2,988,000 for the standard and 3,488,000 for the F-Sport.