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Official: Most Mazda prices go up with 2018 excise taxes


Select Mazda models retain 2017 pricing

Following the successive releases of excise tax adjusted prices of local car manufacturers, Mazda is the next to reveal their pricing for 2018. Prices go up across the entire range but there are some models that carryover their 2017 prices.

Starting with the Mazda 2, prices go up by Php 37,000 to Php 54,000, depending on the variant. The entry-level model gets the biggest price jump while the top-spec Mazda 2 gets the least. Mazda is also giving the option to choose between a rebate or a 3-year free Preventive Maintenance Service package from the dealers.


As for the Mazda 3, the base model breaches the Php 1,000,000 mark due to a Php 60,000 increase. The price hikes for Mazda's C-segment offering range from Php 22,000 to Php 92,000 with the range-topping 2.0 Speed variant getting the biggest increase.

Among the cars, the Mazda 6 is the most affected by the excise tax, with prices going up by as much as Php 235,000. The gas-power sedan moves up by Php 155,000 while the diesel is priced higher by Php 165,000. The wagon takes the biggest hit with the new, readjusted pricing.

Moving on to crossovers, we start with the smallest offering, the CX-3. Mazda's baby crossover sees at least a Php 10,000 increase, all the way to Php 130,000. The entry-level model gets the smallest increase while mid-spec variant gets the biggest.

As for the CX-5, the top of the line diesel variant retains its pricing for 2018. The base 2WD and the gas AWD CX-5 are up by Php 100,000 and Php 55,000, respectively. Meanwhile, the larger CX-9 retains its 2017 suggested retail price (SRP) for this year. Also retaining its SRP is the BT-50 pickup.

Last but not the least is the MX-5 and it too sees a price hike. Both the soft-top MX-5 variants (manual and automatic) get their prices adjusted by Php 30,000 higher than last year. The coupe-convertible MX-5 RF on the other hand is bumped up by Php 40,000 for the standard model and Php 30,000 for the Nappa Leather-lined version.

Mazda Philippines added that there are some models that can be availed for at 2017 prices. These are the Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6 and CX-3. These pre-excise tax priced cars will be available in Mazda dealerships for as long as supplies last.

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