Omoda 5 EV to have 8 years, 200k km warranty

Omoda Philippines is giving us a bit more to look forward to as we come closer to their official launching of the Omoda 5 EV.

They previously shared a glimpse of what to expect with the electric crossover, and now they have something for those who want to have peace of mind in both driving and owning the vehicle.

Omoda PH will launch EV with 8-year warranty image

Omoda says the 5 EV will come with an 8-year, 200,000-km warranty. That includes the battery, the electric motor, and the rest of its related architecture, giving future owners worry-free ownership.

Along with the announcement, Omoda also revealed the 5 EV is equipped with V2L (vehicle-to-load) technology, which enables the crossover to become a power source for most electronic devices. The electric motor that produces 204 PS and 400 Nm of torque is also optimized for ultra-low power consumption, as Omoda claims it does 15kWh per 100 km.

This enables owners to reach up to 450 km of range before recharging. Speaking of which, the Omoda 5 EV has fast-charging capabilities in its electric architecture that allows the battery to be charged up to 80% within 35 minutes.

Omoda PH will launch EV with 8-year warranty image

In terms of safety, Omoda says the 5 EV utilizes high-strength steel for its body and comes equipped with 17 intelligent driving assistance functions on its ADAS system for all-around safety and greater peace of mind while traveling.

The Omoda 5 EV will be launched along with the turbocharged Omoda 5 and Jaecoo 7 crossovers by Q4 2023.