For 67 years, Aguila Auto Glass has led the way for Filipino car owners in need of quick, world-class solutions for their automotive glass needs. How does one homegrown and family-run company keep going steadily after 67 years? The answer is: with a strong passion for excellence, dedication, with the full cooperation of their team, and, of course, a lifelong love for all things automotive.

Despite the challenges the company faced in its 67-year journey – unfair competition, substandard and illegal products on the market, and inevitably, the daily traffic situation - Aguila Auto Glass has gradually and successfully grown to 25 branches, while keeping all their auto glass products compliant with DTI Standards, and expanding their product/service lineup to include wipers and tint.

One family, one brand - 67 years of Aguila Auto Glass image

It doesn’t stop there though. Aguila Auto Glass also gives back to society by being strongly committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility programs. To-date, they have supported and continue to support various charities and institutions around the country such as Bahay Maria, Gawad Kalinga, General Emilio Aguinaldo National High School, JCI Manila, Manila Zoo, the Philippine General Hospital, Philippine Eagle, and schools in the province of Ilagan, Isabela.

Truly, their new slogan, “Alagang Aguila”, transcends simply providing glass and glass-related products and services to countless Filipino car owners. It is the embodiment of all the company’s core values: excellence, harmony, honesty, integrity and leadership. For all these years, these values have been everyone’s assurance that when dealing with Aguila Auto Glass, one is not treated like a customer, but as a family member.

Can Aguila Auto Glass keep its industry position for the next 67 years? With great products, solid values, excellent customer service and an outstanding, far-reaching CSR program, the answer is an unquestionable “Yes”. 

That ought to be very clear. Crystal clear? Not just. That’s Aguila Auto Glass clear, more like.