For PGA Cars, Inc. and PGA Cars, Inc. chairman Robert Coyiuto, Jr., they have always wanted to concoct a meaningful way to help Filipinos improve their technological skills and capabilities.

For Porsche AG, they have always wanted to recruit qualified personnel for Porsche Centers in emerging markets (such as the Middle East), in order to solidify a strong dealer network worldwide.

For the highly qualified students from Don Bosco Technical Institute who took a six month specialized Porsche training course, they have always wanted a ticket – through their automotive and English skills training – out of poverty, in order to help their families and loved ones.

What began as a dream 10 months ago for all concerned came true on Wednesday, September 24 2008, when the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia – in cooperation with PGA Cars, Inc. and the Coyiuto Foundation - produced the first batch of graduates, all highly skilled in automobile and communication in English. The graduates are to be classified as Porsche-ready Service Mechatronics, providing the worldwide Porsche Center service network with world-class after-service personnel that can support Porsche's growth in vehicle sales and increasing demand for quality service. "The fast development in the field of automotive technology makes high demands in after-sales. Qualified workshop staff forms the basis for the fulfillment of customer expectations…With their graduation, the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia students have the possibility of working in a Porsche Center in our worldwide dealer network," said Porsche AG after-sales market support general manager Annette Bauer.

Also beaming with pride for the graduates was Bro. Elmer Rodriguez, SDB, Don Bosco Technical Institute Manpower Skills Training Center technical director. He was quick to remind the graduates to not forget their Christian values and positive work traits (aside from their technical skills), as the aforementioned combination will take them far in the automotive industry. "The world is yours now. We ask you then not to spoil what you have gained. Use your resources properly. Exercise your rights with responsibility. Touch the lives and hearts of others with your kindness and generosity. It is our fervent prayer that you become servant leaders," said Bro. Rodriguez in his speech to the graduates.

As for the graduates themselves, they are all thrilled to know that they will be going abroad, to be working in Porsche Centers throughout Asia as qualified Porsche service/after-sales personnel. They are nervous because this is the first time that they will be separated from their families, and that their true test would be how to live life away from their figurative nests. A query on what was the most significant lesson they learned at the institution was met with varied answers – getting work done right the first time, improving troubleshooting skills, planning and how to plan before going to work, never hesitating to ask questions, being patient and always open to communication and moving quickly – but all were grateful for the training given to them by Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia and Don Bosco Technical Institute.

With a new batch of Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia students currently undergoing training – and with the first batch of "alumni" all assured of employment worldwide – the aspirations of helping Filipinos improve their technological and communication skills, creating a solid Porsche-qualified service personnel pool and having a well rounded Christian education are one step closer to becoming reality.