Being an astronaut sure has a lot of benefits. You get to go to space, experience zero gravity, and even get a glimpse of the planet from a new perspective. Back down on Earth, it also gives you the opportunity to purchase a special edition Range Rover which is only being sold to astronauts. Specifically, ‘future astronauts’ who will be signing up to go to space on a Virgin Galactic commercial flight.

This special edition Range Rover is for astronauts only image

Called the Range Rover Astronaut Edition, it was built as part of an on-going collaboration between Land Rover and Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic plans to start offering commercial space flights using its SpaceShipTwo vehicle in the future. So far, around 600 people have already signed up to become ‘future astronauts’ by reserving a flight.

The Astronaut Edition is based on a standard Range Rover Autobiography and built by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations. It is finished in an exclusive Zero Gravity Blue paint ‘inspired by the depth and intensity of the night sky’. It features a bespoke puddle lamp design which illuminates a silhouette of SpaceShipTwo. Astronaut Edition badging on the rear and sides complete the exterior makeover.

This special edition Range Rover is for astronauts only image

Inside, the two discs within the cup holders are crafted from the front landing skid of Virgin Galactic’s first spaceship. To make each vehicle truly unique, customers will be able to have the discs replaced with ones made from the skid of the spaceship that took them to space. They can even add personal inscriptions for a truly unique touch. 

In addition to the two discs, the interior is finished in white leather with blue contrast stitching similar to Virgin Galactic's colors. Other unique touches on the Astronaut Edition include a carbon fiber center console and rear armrest with the “DNA of Flight” graphic, which depicts iconic models of flight from the Wright Brother’s airplane to the Apollo Lunar Module and SpaceShipTwo.

Range Rover Astronaut Edition image

Land Rover will be offering the Range Rover Astronaut Edition with a wide range of engines including the p400e plug-in hybrid and the supercharged V8.

Pricing for the Range Rover Astronaut Edition has not been disclosed. Then again, you can’t just buy one of these unless you sign up for Virgin Galactic’s 90-space flight, which costs $250,000 (Php 13,050,000).