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Opel reveals future vision with GT X Experimental concept


GT X Experimental previews future look of Opel

Opel has had their fair share of struggles in the past but that hasn't stopped them from showing concepts that signal a new era for the German marque. The latest concept to do so is the GT X Experimental, and they call it the modern interpretation the previous Monza and GT concepts.

Granted, it's in the form of a small crossover but they insist that the GT X Experimental takes also takes some design cues from classic models. The small dimensions are an ode to the GT coupe of the 70's, while the front headlight and grill treatment are reminiscent of the first-generation Manta. Defined creases on the hood add a bit of aggression to the overall look of the front.


While it looks like a two door from the side, it actually has coach doors meaning it can be a practical car, if they decide to bring it into production, that is. The entire lower half of the car is finished in matte black, to give it a beefier look. As with most concept cars, it has large alloy wheels wrapped in low profile tires.

The company describes the concept's interior as 'airy', which allows a lot of light to come in to the cabin. It has a panoramic roof, along with uninterrupted side-window without pillars to get in the way. The dash meanwhile is a single piece with touchscreens on the center stack instead of buttons. They went as far as hiding the air-conditioning vents by placing it near the windshield, just so they can achieve a 'minimalist' look.

Automakers are making developments in the field of electric powertrains and the GT X Experimental is no different. They didn't go into specifics just yet by Opel says that the concept is powered by a 50 kWh, compact next-generation lithium-ion battery with inductive charging.

What they aren't claiming is full autonomous driving capabilities, saying, 'The GT X Experimental does not pretend to offer full autonomous driving'. What they did say is that it does have Level 3 autonomous driving functions, meaning the driver must always be aware of road conditions and intervene when needed.

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