Many of our younger readers may not remember the time when the Opel Manta was a fairly common sight on Philippine roads, but the titos out there certainly do. The Manta, after all, was the car to have in the 70's and even into the 80's if a BMW or a Mercedes was out of reach. Think of it like the Civic SiR or 86 of German cars; people loved to mod it.

The Manta hasn't been in production in over 30 years, but now Opel has brought it back. Actually, they brought just one back as a one-of-a-kind special, and they gave it electric power.

Opel Manta image

The car in these photos is called the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD. It's actually not a new car; instead it's a restomod (restored/modified) car built by Opel using an original Manta.

This Manta coupe certainly looks the part, blending 70's styling elements like the muscular look one would see from the era with modern design elements. Opel says it has the Pixel-Vizor front end, and that the grille can actually display messages. Opel used a lot of LEDs, and those can be found on the DRLs, the headlamps, the taillights, and more.

Opel Manta image

Opel opted for a striking yellow paint job with black accents; the most obvious of which is the hood. Under the fenders, we find 17-inch wheel by Ronal, and 40-series 17-inch tires in staggered spec: 195 in front and 205 in the back.

As the name suggests, the vehicle doesn't use the four cylinder engine like before. Instead, what you'll see under the black hood is an electric motor that makes 147 PS and 225 Nm of torque. The motor is hooked up to a 31 kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery that can be charged like any other EV, giving the Manta GSe a range of 199.5 kilometers. The vehicle even has regenerative braking.

The part we're most interested in is that Opel fitted the electric Manta with the original 4-speed manual and the classic rear wheel drive configuration. It's rare to read about a rear-wheel drive electric car, and even rarer to learn it has a manual gearbox. Opel says that drivers who want the convenience of an automatic will enjoy this Manta too; just pop the shifter into fourth and drive it like an automatic.

Opel Manta image

The interior has also been thoroughly modernized with 10” and 12” screens, along with a Marshall audio system. This Manta has a pair of racing style seats, and even has a three-spoke wheel with a rally-style center line indicator. The Manta, after all, was a very popular rally car back in the day.

Opel won't be offering this electric Manta for sale; it's more of a showcase that it's possible to turn a classic into an exciting electric car with zero emissions. Really, it would be nice to see some classics reimagined as an electric car for the future.