Remember the mystery SUV concept that Mitsubishi previewed last month? At the time, we were only shown a lone teaser image with barely any details released about the model. Now, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has released more information about the model, as well as the other models they’ll be bringing to the 46thTokyo Motor Show.

Starting with the mystery plug-in hybrid SUV shown last September, it finally has a name. Officially called the Mi-Tech Concept, it looks more like an open-top, SUV coupe rather than a traditional five-door SUV. Based on the new photo, it somewhat resembles Mitsubishi’s Engleberg Concept shown earlier this year with a two-tier headlight upfront. Meanwhile, the rear features vertical taillights that are similar to the Montero Sport.

Other noticeable details about the Mi-Tech include large fender flares and some sort of silver accent on the body itself. Also, we’re not too sure about it but it looks like the concept will be door-less as well, making it more like a fun recreation vehicle instead of a practical SUV.

As mentioned earlier, the Mi-Tech concept is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). It uses a quad-motor (two in front and two at the rear) electric 4WD system called Quad Motor and features Dual Motor AYC. This system allows torque to be delivered to all-four wheels. It also allows it to have good off-road performance.

Other features of the Mi-Tech concept include human-machine interface which projects information detected by using advanced optical sensing technology onto the AR windshield. There’s also the Mi-Pilot driver assistance system also alerts the driver for potential collisions.

Mitsubishi will reveal electric SUV coupe, tall kei-car at Tokyo 2019 image

Together with the Mi-Tech Concept, Mitsubishi will also display the Super Height K-Wagon Concept. As the name implies, the concept is essentially a high-roof version of Mitsubishi’s Kei-car. From the teaser photo, it looks similar to the recently revealed eK X kei-car albeit slightly taller. Mitsubishi says the concept “delivers nimble handling and brisk performance while maximizing living space”.

Aside from the two new concepts, Mitsubishi will also have the Engleberg Concept on display as well a number of the brand’s current model lineup.