EDITOR'S UPDATE: We were contacted by Ford Philippines executives regarding the accuracy of this article. Apparently, there was a miscommunication in that Ford Philippines Managing Director Bertrand Lessard understood our query as being about the Expedition rather than the similar -but more upmarket- Lincoln Navigator. 

As such, Bertrand Lessard spoke about the availability of the Navigator through indent order, but what the Ford Managing Director actually meant was the Ford Expedition.

We AutoIndustriya.com decided to let the original article remain below, but to be clear, the Lincoln Navigator is not available through Ford Philippines and their dealers. -VCP


For the past few years, most of us assumed that the only way to get a Lincoln Navigator in the country is through gray market dealers. For starters, there is no Lincoln dealership in the country. While it is an Expedition underneath the fancy styling, it is unlikely Ford Philippines would sell you one either. I mean, it still is badged as a Lincoln after all and not a Ford.

Well, that's what we thought so too until we got to talk to Ford Philippines' managing director Bertrand Lessard. Apparently, Ford Philippines does bring in the more luxurious Navigator albeit in limited numbers as long customers order it. In fact, the managing director himself says he uses one for his daily commute around Metro Manila.

Order a Lincoln Navigator straight from Ford PH

Not much details were revealed regarding the Lincoln Navigator being brought in by Ford Philippines. Lessard did say however that customers can choose which variant they want to buy, giving them a lot more options compared to the Expedition which is currently available in only one trim level. More so, he says that customers can simply pop into a Ford dealership and order one there. That said customers do have to wait as these are likely indent order units.

Lessard did not mention anything about pricing of the Lincoln Navigator. It is expected however to be on a per order basis. Despite that, it will likely be a lot cheaper than the units being offered by gray market dealers. That's on top of the fact that it will come with a warranty and can be serviced by the authorized Ford service centers themselves.