Some may see Porsches as mere toys for the wealthy and famous, but in the Philippines, Porsche is setting an example of giving back to the underprivileged since 2008. 

It's called the Porsche Recruitment and Training Centre Asia (PTRCA), a scholarship-based technical school established by Porsche Philippines under PGA Cars with the aid of the Don Bosco Technical Institute. The center teaches deserving young candidates from underprivileged communities the skills necessary to build their careers with Porsche centers not just locally, but around the world.

And now, that concept of giving back is expanding, as Porsche AG is establishing similar training centers in other countries under the Porsche Aftersales Vocational Education (PAVE) program, following the model that was first established in Manila by Porsche Philippines.

Other countries follow example set by Porsche Philippines scholar training

Porsche has established centers similar to PTRCA in Cape Town, South Africa and more recently one in Puebla, Mexico. A future site for another similar facility will be in Tokyo. 

Porsche says these facilities have scholarships aimed at giving access to candidates from “socially disadvantaged backgrounds”. Porsche has also extended cooperation contracts with 10 educational institutions along with the continuation of the Porsche Elite Apprentice Program (PEAP). The opening of these new centers is in line with the transformation of the auto industry particularly with the need to have a workforce well versed to meet the changes. According to Porsche's Vice President for Aftersales, it is important “to educate our future qualified technicians today through our unique vocational education programs.”

“The automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation: New technologies are emerging in ever-shorter cycles, and job profiles are changing – not least because advancing digitalisation is increasingly transforming the car into a rolling smartphone. Even with an icon such as the 911; in its latest version it shows the direction things are headed in,” continued Shukraft.

The results of the example set by the Philippine-based PTRCA, incidentally the first Porsche technical school outside of Germany, are undeniable. Many Filipino PTRCA graduates are employed globally at different Porsche Centers in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.