Active lifestyle auto accessory specialist Erwin Versoza recently opened a new Outdoors Club concept store in West Greenhills, San Juan. Outdoors Club is home to world-class outdoor lifestyle equipment from Mont Blanc of Sweden and Rhino Racks of Australia. The 155 square-meter of floor space of the showroom features a modern interior which complements with their modern active lifestyle products.

Outdoors Club product showroom

“This place encourages you to explore your World and embark on an adventure with your family to enjoy the natural beauty of Nature and the many tourist destinations around the country. We have products to maximize your vehicle’s loading capacity with luggage systems, bicycle racks and even kayak loading solutions,” explains Erwin Versoza of the Outdoors Club.

Mont Blanc is a specialty company whose core competence is designing and manufacturing bike and load carrier systems since 1947. The Swedish brand has been the OEM supplier of leading European car brands with research facilities based in Sweden, Romania, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Their products feature easy-on and easy-off installation, theft resistance, and tough build quality; making it the leading load carrying brand in Europe.

Rhino Racks, on the other hand has been the most successful roof rack brand in Australia for the past 22 years. Their products were purposely built and designed to withstand the harsh environment of the Australian Outback. Rhino Racks is the OEM supplier of Ford and Isuzu in Australia.

“Every product that you see here is guaranteed to maximize your fun and enjoyment in enjoying Nature’s bounty,” adds Versoza.

The Outdoors Club is located at the Ground Floor of Banco de Oro Building 2, West Greenhills, San Juan.  For inquiries you may call 744-6367, or find Outdoors Club Greenhills on Facebook.