We'll admit that being a motoring journalist is a fun job. We get to try out all sorts of cars for a couple of days, and we get to write about it. But it also entails a lot of responsibility, reminding ourselves that the cars we're driving aren't ours, and our name is always on the line. One slip up, and we're done for.

But there are motoring journalists that have a little too much fun with their testers, risking it all to take the cars to the limit...in the wrong places. Once such case has cropped up in England.

Joe Achilles, a UK-based independent motoring journalist and Youtuber, was caught speeding in an Audi R8. He was clocked doing about 100 MPH or approximately 164 km/h, which sounds pedestrian on something like the Autobahn, but alarmingly fast on two-lane country roads. However, it was the manner in he was caught that strikes us: he filmed himself doing it.

Because he filmed himself zooming across country lanes, the Roads Policing Unit of the Derbyshire Constabulary were able to compute the speeds he was doing. They based it on the time he spent crossing one reference point to another and concluded that Achilles was reaching speeds up to 93 MPH ( approximately 150 km/h) and his lowest was 58 MPH (about 93 km/h). The speed limit along the road Achilles drove through was 50 MPH, which is about 80 km/h in metrics.

Achilles has pleaded guilty to charges of speeding and dangerous driving, among other things. He also had to pay a hefty fine of over £600, which converts roughly around Php 37,800 and his license now has six points on it. If he commits another major motoring offense, he could face suspension or revocation.

So if you plan to be a motoring journalist one day, just remember this: Don't take risks like this with test units, or any other car for that matter. Achilles was lucky not to get into an accident, and you might not be as fortunate.