Volvo launches its most daring price offer yet on 4 of its most captivating models with the amazingly generous 14% slash off the regular prices of the Volvo S40, V50, S60 and XC70. But better hurry because this incredible offer is until February 14, 2008 only!

Continuing its New Year welcome, Volvo comes up with this unbelievable offer to own any (or all) of the four Volvo models they have in their range. From the compact Volvo S40 to the rugged crossover vehicle Volvo XC70, each Volvo enthusiast can take his pick with an extra perk in mind he gets a brand new Volvo while saving some extra cash with the 14% discount offered. Aside from this already amazing offer, you also get a free 2-year warranty, free 1 year comprehensive insurance*, free 3-year LTO registration* and the peace of mind with the free 24-hour roadside assistance.

The New Volvo S40: Modern design, Engineered to perfection

From its elegant and compact exterior to its contemporary cabin with the world's first free-floating centre console, every inch of the S40 is influenced by Scandinavia. This spacious and supremely comfortable sedan is engineered to perform with its 2.4 L, 5-cylinder engine spewing 170 bhp. The Volvo S40's engine balances power with efficiency, with low internal friction, electronic engine management, variable valve timing, and common-rail direct injection all combining to deliver lively performance and modest fuel consumption.

The New Volvo V50: Ingenious Sportswagon

Everything is in its right place with the V50's brilliant combination of understated luxury, ingenious storage and innovative design. It's beauty and brains rolled into one with the talent to convert your weekday to a weekend anytime you want. Choose to go city driving with its 2.4L, 5-cylinder, 5-speed Geartronic Adaptive Transmission or enjoy its 170 horses pulling you to enjoy the outdoors in stylish versatility.

The Volvo S60 2.0L: Excitement has never looked this beautiful
The sleek and sexy exterior gives road presence that's second to none while you'll find a cabin with an environment that is cleaner inside than out. Offering a truly stunning ride, the S60 marries art and engineering its 5-cylinder, 180 bhp engine supplying the passion while its multi-link chassis adds backbone.

The Volvo XC70 Cross Country All Wheel Drive: Explore new adventures
For those seeking adventure anytime, anywhere, the Volvo XC70 AWD is their perfect companion, giving an ordinary journey an extraordinary feel. Amidst its rugged good looks lie smart and clever functions that will keep every trip an enjoyable experience. Romp through the wilds with its powerful 210 horses and 50Speed adaptive Geartronic transmission then change gears and enjoy the city with your family, kit and cargo in the XC70's versatile shell.