Well, we didn't see this coming.

A publication geared towards parenting has just chosen the Honda Civic and the Subaru Impreza as two of its top picks for teenaged drivers. Go figure.

Parents Magazine has just released a list of 5 vehicles that they think are best for licensed teens to drive on the basis of, well, safety really. Three of the choices of the US-based publication include the Chevrolet Equinox SUV, the Kia Optima, and the Toyota Camry; unusual given their intended target markets, but logical because many of these vehicles have top-rank safety features. 

But two choices particularly stuck out for us, and the duo includes the Subaru Impreza and the Honda Civic. 

In their article, Parents cited the Civic (either in a 4-door saloon or 5-door hatchback) for its perfect safety rating from the NHTSA's crash tests, particularly the Honda Sensing System. They say teens will like it for its "smallish size and easy handling" as well as the connectivity package that includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Parents magazine recommends Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic for teen drivers image

The Impreza was also selected for similar reasons, particularly for its high marks in safety in NHTSA crash tests. Parents also cited the all-wheel-drive system as an advantage on slippery roads, as well as the versatility offered by the hatchback model for carrying stuff. 

Now while the publication may have done their research, they might have forgotten that both of these cars have a bit of colorful history with teenage drivers in the past. Back in the '90s and 2000s, these cars were popular for teens not because they were practical or roomy or safe, but because of their performance pedigree.

Fans of both vehicles will know that they have a significant following in the performance crowd, and are favorites for aftermarket tuning and, quite frankly, street racing. With a panache for taking risks, teenagers and cars with tuner potential do not exactly mix. Whether it's drag racing illegally on public roads, driving recklessly without a care, or modifying their cars in an unsafe manner, there have been cases of teenagers wrecking their Imprezas and Civics in the process. Worse, some teenage drivers paid for it with their lives.

It's pretty unusual to see that a magazine dedicated to parenting actually suggesting both the Civic and the Impreza as some of the best cars for teenagers to drive today. But hey, if they recommend it, who are we to argue?

The STI is still an Impreza (somewhat) and the Type R is a Civic, right?