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Paris 2012: Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept gives preview of future Q models


A glimpse into the future of Audi design, engineering and performance

Audi gives a preview into the future design as well as the technology that will shape their future Q models at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The carmaker touts the concept to be an entirely new fusion of technology, engineering and design for the brand’s future crossover models. Major highlights are the new Multimaterial Space Frame, dual-mode hybrid concept, and dynamic new design for both exterior and interior.

Multimaterial Space Frame


The new frame concept is a technological revolution from Audi’s Aluminum Space Frame which the brand pioneered nearly 20 years ago. The new technology involves combining together aluminum, carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) and glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP). The result is a weight of only 1,390 kilograms including the large lithium-ion battery.

Dual-mode Hybrid Concept

The new crosslane coupé concept is rated at 177 PS, and boasts of a 0-100km/h figure of 8.6 seconds in hybrid mode and 9.8 seconds in full electric mode. Powering the new concept is a three-cylinder 1.5-liter TFSI engine capable of 130 PS and 200 Nm of torque coupled with an electric motor (EM 1) which acts primarily as a starter and an alternator. EM 1 provides 68 PS and 210 Nm of torque. A second electric motor (EM 2) provides electrical traction developing 116 PS and 250 Nm of torque. All three motors work seamlessly with a transmission that connects the engine with the electric motors by means of a claw clutch.

Geometric Design

Audi takes their geometric design further with the strong single-frame grill that dominates the front flanked by trapezoidal Audi Matrix LED headlamps. Edgy lines flow through the sides and are finished off with tail lights of trapezoidal influence as well.

The interior follows on with the edgy exterior design giving geometric clarity. The materials used are mainly carbon fiber, aluminum and leather to emphasize the brand’s uncompromising high quality standards.

A unique feature for the crosslane is a moveable boot that is operated electrically. The boot forms a separate pan within the body structure while being attached to the back of the rear seats. The entire unit is able to move about 15 inches forward at the press of a button to access a level surface offering flat storage for dirty or wet objects.

The crosslane coupé also introduces new online services under Audi connect. The service allows users to be connected online via Twitter, Facebook or by sending photos and videos recorded on the road. A completely new feature is the 'Escape Manager' - a program passengers can use to review and comment on the routes they are driving for their friends.

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