First previewed by the company last month, Citroen has revealed the Divine DS concept in the metal during the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Carrying the “French Elegance” theme, the car has a uniquely-designed exterior along with a luxurious interior that integrated with Swarovski crystals and Lesage stitching.

The Divine DS concept has a unique 4-door scissor system that makes entry and exit a breeze for the car. The front section of the car has a rectangular grill with diamond-shaped inserts while the side of the car has a chrome trim that runs along doors and encircles the taillights. The roof features a “scaly design” that contrasts light between matt and satin.

The scissor doors of the Citroen Divine DS

The cabin features what the company calls the “Hyper Typage” concept which allows customers to switch interior trims according to their tastes. Currently there are only 3 trim selections available, Mâle which is a driver focused trim with carbon fiber and pearl stitching, Parisienne Chic that has a full-grain ivory leather upholstery with pleated silk and satin and the Fatale Punk, a black-padded leather trim festooned with crystals and piercings.

The interior of the Divine DS Concept

Replacing the analog gauges is a digital heads-up display that sits above the steering wheel. It works in tandem with a holographic display that is behind the HUD that feeds the driver navigation information without needing to shift their gaze from the road. In addition, a new HD Touch Drive user interface with a 10.4-inch screen is placed on the overhead console. It frees up space from the center dash and also acts as the car's rearview mirror.

The rear of the DS Divine

Under the hood is a 1.6-liter turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine that delivers 273 PS and 330 Nm of torque at 1900-5500 rpm. It meets Euro6 standard emissions and only emits 145g of CO2 per km.