Luxury automaker Infiniti recently unveiled the QX70 S Design at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, the company's answer to the SUV segment's boxy standards.

Dark chrome surrounds the exterior of the car and is applied on the front grill, foglight trim, side air scoops, side sills and rear numberplate surround. Black is then used for the roof, roof rails, side mirrors and to the special 21-inch six-spoke alloy wheels.

Rear of the Infiniti QX70 S Design

Inside, the center console is finished in black lacquer while purple stitching accents the seats, steering wheel, armrest and door trims. The enhanced interior look not only spruces up the cabin, but also retains the driver focus and intuitive control the original QX70 is known for according to Infiniti.

Infiniti did not state any powertrain specifications but a range of V6 engines that can be gasoline or diesel powered will be available for the QX70 S Design. Gear-changing is provided with a set of magnesium paddle-shifters on the steering column.