British luxury automaker Bentley recently revealed the Mulsanne Speed, the company's new flagship model. It will make its public appearance at the 2014 Paris Motor Show and will be available for customer delivery at the start of winter.

At the front, a dark tint finish is applied on the matrix grill design as well as on the lower bumper grills, wing vents and headlights. A set of 21-inch wheels decorates the side and can be painted, polished or dark tinted. Completing the exterior demeanor of the Mulsanne Speed are twin exhaust tailpipes and dark tint finished taillights that festoon the rear section of the car. The Mulsanne Speed has a standard 25 color paint selection along with new 4 colors; Spectre, Candy Red, Camel and Marlin. An optional extended range is also available and covers 100 colors.

The Bentley Mulsanne Speed's side and rear view

A two-tone diamond-quilted light color leather interior and seats come as standard for the Mulsanne Speed and is available in 24 colors in 6 different splits. Also included is a new veneer option that is finished in Piano Black and has handcrafted carbon fiber inlays. The veneer comes in 10 different colors with 7 of them as cost options. The sports gear lever has a special Knurling while the ventilation controls feature the “organ stop” design.

Electronic toys also adorn the inside of the car including a 60GB hard drive that can store music and movies, an electronically-controlled table with iPad and matching keyboard connectivity behind the front seats, a Wi-Fi connection with a dedicated router and a 2,200 watt Naim audio system that is fed through 14 speakers. An optional rear entertainment system is also available and comes with two 8-inch screens and Bluetooth headphones.

The interior of the Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Under the hood is a 6.75-liter twin turbocharged V8 that has a reworked combustion system that boosts engine response. It now has a maximum output of 537 PS and 1,100 Nm of torque readily available at 1,750 rpm and can go from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds with max speed of up to 305 km/h. The engine also features a revamped management system that deactivates half of the cylinders, making it a V4 engine on light load, improving fuel efficiency. It meets Euro 6 Standards, puts out 342g of CO2 / km and has an average fuel consumption of 6.8 km/l, which extends its maximum range by 80 km.

The 6.75 V8 engine of the Bentley Mulsanne

In maximizing power of the Mulsanne Speed, the car is given a Sport suspension setting that stiffens the handling and enhances body control while a new “S” mode keeps the engine about 2,000 rpm, allowing the turbochargers to be ready at all times in delivering instant speed.