Citroen has brought something special to the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Measuring in 4.85 meters long, the imposing Cxperience Concept is the brand's vision of the future and features an aggressive and sleek exterior finish. According to the automaker, the new concept car is their take in making a more upscale car under the “Citroen Advanced Comfort” program and is a bold step in advancing the brand.

Designed by Citroen Styling in Velizy, France, the Cxperience Concept finished in pearlescent sea green makes use of a new design langauge. Smooth curves dominate the entirety of the car while aggression comes in the form of the unique headlights, V-shaped daytime running lights (DRLs), front grill, huge 22-inch wheels and C-shaped taillights. It even has rear-hinged 'suicide' doors which makes for easier ingress and egress.

A peek inside the Citroen Cxperience concept

The interior of the Cxperience is dominated by a 19-inch screen which manages all of the onboard controls like climate control, navigation, infotainment and driver aids. It can also set to split-screen to allow the passenger to manipulate the controls themselves. Wireless connectivity services are also installed on Citroen's latest concept.

Other features present inside the concept car include a smartphone and tablet that can wirelessly control onboard systems, front and rear cameras, integrated dashcam called ConnectedCam and a high-end audio system.

A look at the unique doors of the Citroen Cxperience concept

Propulsion is provided by a plug-in hybrid powertrain. It is comprised of a gasoline engine that generates 152 – 202 PS, along with an electric motor that puts out an extra 108 PS. With it, the Cxperience has a total output of 304 PS. Power is transferred to an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

On electric power alone, the Cxperience concept has a maximum range of 60 km. The 3 kWh battery pack can be recharged in 4 ½ hours with a standard charging system.