Lexus has always been at the forefront of the latest technology available for automobiles and aside from cutting-edge concept vehicles that see mass production in just a year or two, the Japanese luxury automaker has also made it a point to keep the cabin as up-to-date as the vehicle’s exterior.

Along with the launch of their compact crossover concept, the Lexus UX, at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Lexus will simultaneously uncover their latest effort in ‘redefining the driving experience.’

The driver’s cockpit of the Lexus UX concept will come with on-board Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology that offers an immersive three-dimensional layout.

It starts with the driver’s instrument binnacle housed in a transparent globe that floats pretty much like a hologram combining analog and digital data.

The center console comes as a facetted crystal structure and within it is a hologram-style display of climate control and infotainment settings visible and accessible to both driver and front passenger.

Additional features include electro-chromatic windows, e-mirror camera housings to replace sideview mirrors while all switchgear is electrostatic and kept under transparent covers.

The fin motif used on the A pillar is also implemented on the dashboard to deliver a new audio experience.

“Our brief was to create a new genre of compact crossover; a vehicle that could create something unique from a customer's point of view―an innovative, three-dimensional, fully immersive user experience,” said Stephan Rasmussen, Designer at European Design Centre, D2.