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Paris 2016: Volkswagen envisions EV hatchback with I.D. concept


Production version to arrive in 2020

Volkswagen has revealed the I.D. Electric Concept Car at this year's Paris Motor Show. It will become the basis of Volkswagen's first electric vehicle (EV) that will arrive in showrooms fitted with the brand's Modular Electric Drive Kit.

Starting with the exterior, the I.D. measures 4.1 meters long, which makes it slightly shorter than the current Golf. In terms of wheelbase however, the I.D. Concept has more legroom than the Golf. It also features adaptive LED illumination up front.

In the absence of a front-mounted engine, the designers were able to make a sleek hatchback with shorter overhangs and sloped hood. It also allowed Volkswagen to expand the concept's glass area which makes for better all-around visibility.


Inside the concept car, the designers used an ultra-minimalist approach with the hazard lights as the only physical button control. With the screens in the door panels, every occupant is allowed to control the infotainment system. Meanwhile, instead of the usual gearshift, a capacitive panel is placed on the bottom of the steering wheel letting drivers select Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive. In addition, the controls for the turn signals are also placed there.

The steering wheel also consist of the control for autonomous driving system. By simply pressing the Volkswagen logo, the wheel automatically retracts into the dashboard and the laser scanners for navigation appear from the roof. The company expects this technology to be released in showrooms by 2025.

Powering the I.D. concept is 170 PS electric motor that is married to a single-speed transmission. The powertrain is mounted at rear axle while a flat battery is placed beneath the floor which keeps the center of gravity low. With it, the I.D. Concept can go from 0 – 100 km/h in under 8 seconds. It also has a top speed of 159 kph.

Volkswagen plans to offer multiple battery capacities, which will allow the hatchback to have a maximum range between 401 and 600 km on a single charge (European cycle)

The production version of the Volkwagen I.D. will be launched in 2020.

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