The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is ramping up its campaign against illegal parking and obstruction of vehicles along major thoroughfares. 

Recently, the MMDA published Regulation No. 18-008 which shows heftier fines for illegally parked vehicles. From Php 200, attended vehicles now have a fine of Php 1,000. Meanwhile, unattended vehicles that used to have a Php 500 fine is now at Php 2,000. 

Apart from raising the fines, the MMDA also said that violators may be issued with traffic violations up to twice a day, within a 3-hour interval. This means that MMDA traffic enforcers can fine violators up to Php 4,000 a day, provided their vehicles have not yet been impounded by the MMDA.

Currently, the MMDA has suspended towing vehicles as their impounding area in Marikina City has already reached full capacity. However, traffic enforcers can still tow vehicles that are blocking vital roadways. According to Atty. Crisanto Saruca, MMDA Legislative and Legal Affairs OIC, they can impound the vehicles at MMDA HQ should the vehicle have more than two violations or is blocking a major road.

Besides announcing heftier fines for illegal parking, the MMDA also said that drivers with traffic citations can no longer pay at Metrobank. Instead, motorists can now settle their fines at Bayad Center outlets, SM Bills Payment and at the MMDA Treasury Division.

Originally, the MMDA said that the new fines will immediately take affect starting Dec 19. However, they have decided to postpone it until Jan 7, 2019.