There is really something about having something that's considered a limited edition.

Whether you have a comic book with only 1000 copies in circulation worldwide, a pair of sneakers with only 500 ever made, or even a car that has a production run of just 100 units, having an item that's designated a limited edition (or LE) makes it just that little bit more special.

PartsPro.PH launches ultra limited edition flow-forged wheel

But what if your car could have a set of wheels that is just limited to 11 sets? Wouldn't that be something special? 

That is exactly what online auto parts superstore, PartsPro.PH, is offering for their customers with the PPR-02 Flow-Forged Limited Edition wheel.

“Everyone wants something special for their car,” said Mr. Raffy David, PartsPro.PH President and CEO and PartsPro Racing Team Principal. “Thanks to our solid partnership with Rota Wheels, we can provide our customers something truly special, and very limited.”

Officially known as the Rota x PartsPro PPR-02 FF LE, the new rollers are a result of the company's collaboration with Rota Wheels. Based on the flow-forged FF01 Rota aluminum wheel, the PPR-02 FF LE is far stronger, much denser, and significantly lighter than similarly-sized cast aluminum counterparts.

PartsPro.PH launches ultra limited edition flow-forged wheel

The PPR-02 FF LE will be available only in 19x8.5” or 19x10”. There will be three bolt patterns available: 5x112 (+44), 5x114.3 (+44), and 5x120 (+45). The variety of bolt patterns means the PPR-02 FF LE can be fitted to popular models such as the Subaru WRX or STI, Mazda6, Volkswagen Golf GTS, and even the new Honda Civic Type R.

What makes the PPR-02 FF LE special is the color: Electrum Gold. The color itself is exclusively mixed for PartsPro.PH; a hue that delivers sheen of silver with the class and sophistication of light gold. The special Electrum Gold also serves as a nod to the motorsport operations of Team PartsPro Racing in the Toyota Vios Cup, the Flat Out Race Series, the Philippine Endurance Challenge, and more recently, Formula V1.

PartsPro.PH launches ultra limited edition flow-forged wheel

PartsPro.PH previously used the color for their 2017 limited edition wheel: the PPR-1 LE. Unlike the previous PPR-1 which was limited to 20 sets, the PPR-02 FF LE will be limited to just 11 sets. Each set will be numbered and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

The most striking piece of information about the PPR-02 FF LE is its affordable price: despite the limited edition status, the a set of the latest Rota x PartsPro collaboration will retail for just PhP 55,000 per set.

PartsPro.PH launches ultra limited edition flow-forged wheel

The Rota x PartsPro PPR-02 FF LE will only be available through starting Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

If you want a set, well, don't wait around. There are only 11 sets up for grabs.