Going to Pasig City has been quite the hassle ever since they imposed the odd-even scheme three years ago. However, that traffic scheme could soon be history as Pasig City Mayor-elect Vico Sotto wants to remove it.

In a Twitter post last March 2019, Twitter user 'Pot' asked then Couniclor Sotto (who was still running for Mayor at the time), if he could relax or remove the odd-even scheme along Sandoval Avenue. According to her, the scheme discriminates those living in Greenwoods Executive Village as they are unable to go out while the odd-even scheme is in effect.

Pasig City Mayor-elect wants to remove odd-even coding scheme image

Fortunately, Sotto said that he was the only one in the city council that was against the odd-even scheme. He also added that it is "unfair and ineffective when you look at the bigger picture." He then said that he will remove it on his first day of office as Mayor of Pasig City.

Several motorists living in Pasig, as well as those that pass through the city, have also voiced their complaints regarding the odd-even scheme as it makes traveling around Pasig confusing. Not only that, several businesses have also been affected by the scheme.

Pasig City Mayor-elect wants to remove odd-even coding scheme image

For those not in the know, the odd-even scheme essentially bars certain vehicles with plates ending in even numbers (0.2,4,6,8) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from passing through certain roads. The same thing goes for vehicles with plates that end in odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9) as they are also banned from traveling through those select roads every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

This means that from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM, they are not allowed to go through the following thoroughfares: San Guillermo Ave / Buting eastbound, Elisco Road / Nascor northbound, Elisco Road / M. Concepcion/ R. Jabson Intersection, San Lorenzo Greenwoods / Sandoval Avenue northbound and southbound, and F. Legaspi Bridge westbound.

So does this mean that the odd-even scheme will no longer be imposed? We'll find out once Sotto assumes office this July.