While the MMDA may have scrapped the carpool/HOV lane scheme in EDSA, other local government units seem to have picked up the idea for use on heavily congested roads. To be specific, Pasig City officials appears to be enforcing a new carpool lane along the 2.3-km stretch of Julia Varagas Avenue.

Unlike the HOV/Car Pool lane implementation on EDSA which only required at least two passenger, the one being implemented on Julia Varagas requires a miniumum of four people in the vehicle. Implementation of the new car pool lane is expected to be rolled out on February 28. However, local government officials have already placed road signs to make motorists aware of the impending carpool lane.

Pasig City to implement carpool lane along Julia Varagas Avenue

For those who are not familiar with the area, Julia Vargas Avenue is only a three lane road. The outer most lane partially being a bicycle lane as well. Meanwhile, the inner most lane caters to those drivers turning left at intersections. Currently, the designated carpool lane will be the second (middle) one. That begs the question as to which lane drivers without the minium required passengers will use.

Speaking to Pasig City representatives over the phone, Autoindustriya.com was told that they are still coordinating as to which lane non-carpool drivers will use. However, they did not mention how violators of the carpool lane will be fined. What they did say is that the implementation date is set on February 28, 2018.