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Patent images show Honda working on electric HR-V


Patent images of production model Honda Everus EV surface on Chinese websites

Over the years, Honda has been slowly stepping up their game in the electric vehicle market. One of the latest concepts to have come out from the Japanese automaker is the HR-V based Everus EV Concept introduced earlier this year. Now, it seems like we have ourselves an early preview of the production model of the Everus EV thanks to these leaked patent images which surfaced on numerous Chinese automotive websites.

If these patent images are to be believed, it appears that the Everus EV will be ditching its futuristic look of numerous LEDs for a more traditional design. Given that the Everus is based on the HR-V, it is no surprise then that the production model Everus EV will look akin to that of the HR-V albeit with some design changes.


Overall, the style of the production series Everus EV appears to remain faithful to the concept. Up front, it loses Honda's signature Solid Wing Face grill and instead has a flush panel which can be opened to gain access to the charging port. The bumper also seems to be carried over with large air vents and vertical LEDs on the side. Curiously, the patent does show the vehicle using the HR-V's older projector headlights.

At the rear, it loses the concept's one-piece LED taillights and revised bumper. Instead, it looks exactly identical to that of the HR-V except for uniquely color taillights and a trim piece connecting the two units.

Similar to the concept, no details regarding the mysterious Everus EV model have surfaced. That said, both Chinese websites Autohome and Diandong have reported that the production model Everus EV will likely make a debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November.

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