To promote the use of clean, green, zero-emission electric vehicles, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. partners with the Filipino-owned e-trike manufacturer/assembler EMotors, Inc.

“Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines (PCPPI) is pleased to partner with EMotors in integrating zero-emission vehicles in our distribution fleet. This will enable us to deliver our world-class products to even more communities with minimum environmental impact,” says PCPPI President Partho Chakrabarti.

Pepsi’s partnership with EMotors makes PCPPI the first multinational company to represent the beverage industry that uses electric vehicles in their daily operations.

The 100% Filipino-owned EMotors, Inc., who is also the makers of ZUM e-trikes, is the country’s first manufacturer and assembler of electric 3-wheelers (e-trikes) to be registered with the Board of Investment’s Motor Vehicle Development Program (BOI-MVDP) under EO156. It is also the first to be registered with the country’s Investments Priority Plan, supporting one of President Aquino’s thrusts to clean our environment. The company is also accredited with the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

“We are proud to partner with Pepsi as a company that ‘walks their talk’, is a socially-responsible corporate citizen, one that truly cares for the environment, while at the same time understands the economic benefits of using the ZUM electric vehicles,” says Elizabeth H. Lee, EMotors President.

With this partnership, Pepsi’s entrepreneurs gain access to an affordable electric vehicle by getting four Ezee cargo vehicles for the price of 1 gas-fed truck. Moreover, the ZUM e-trikes can easily ply the crowded, narrow corridors of densely populated, hard-to-reach distribution areas where retail stores are located.