Have you ever had problems while traveling with your pets? Our friends from Ford Philippines have shared with us some traveling tips that you can look into while driving around with your beloved pets no matter how near or far your destination is.

Before taking your pet for a long drive, make sure you've taken him/her on a series of short drives first before gradually increasing the driving time, this is for him/her to get more comfortable in staying inside a car for a longer period of time. Bringing his/her favorite toy or something that reminds him/her of your home can also help your pet get a sense of familiarity and travel more comfortably.

Don't forget to pack your pet's travel bag as well which can contain their leash, food, water, plastic bags to clean up their waste, medication, and vaccination records.

Make sure to feed your pet with a light meal three to four hours prior to departure and do plan for a number of stops along the way to walk your pet and have their snacks and drinks as well.

Did you know that even at just 56km/h a 60 pound pet which is unrestrained can become a 2,7000 pound projectile? So in order to keep the both of you safe and less distracted, never keep your pet in your lap or the front seat, make sure to keep them safe and secure in their crate or carrier by attaching it to the vehicle's seatbelt.

Lastly, never leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle during any season, this is very dangerous for your pet.

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