Petron Corporation, in cooperation with the Department of Energy, has launched an information drive to promote awareness for fuel conservation. Tagged EnerTripid, the campaign is a public information advocacy for road safety and fuel efficient driving.

This advocacy of Petron and the DOE aims to offer solutions to motorists needs. In the light of increasing fuel prices, EnerTripid educates motorists on how to optimize their resources and get the most value from their fuel expenses.

According to Petron vice-president for marketing Jose K. Campos, Jr., "Beyond offering high quality and economical products to the motoring public, Petron wants to remind motorists that it is quite easy to save on fuel consumption. We believe that through this partnership with the Department of Energy, we are reaching a wider audience and can achieve long-term gains in this advocacy campaign."

The EnerTripid campaign consists of a series of 5-second television and cinema commercials, radio plugs, and newspaper ads containing different tips on how to conserve energy and achieve fuel savings. EnerTripid, together with on-going campaigns on New Generation Diesel Max, Xtra Unleaded, and Fuel Drive Advocacy, is part of Petron's commitment to help motorists experience fuel success in their daily commute.