Petron recently introduced products scientifically formulated to address vehicle stress in extreme heat, aimed at those with high-performance cars. The new High Temperature Protection (HTP) line includes the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Premium HTP, the Brake Fluid HTP DOT 4, and the Grease HTP Lithium Complex.

According to Petron, ATF Premium HTP is fully synthetic and also acts as a coolant for automatic transmissions. Petron adds that it boasts of higher viscosity index, consistent oxadative stability, better thermal stability, lesser volatility and greater heat dissipation than conventional automatic transmission fluids.

Petron says their new DOT 4 brake fluid benefits from a higher poiling point, particularly when compared to conventional DOT 3 fluids. Brake Fluid HTP has a boiling point of 230 degrees celsius while DOT 3 is rated at 205 degrees celsius.

Lastly, the Lithium Grease Complex is designed to lubricate ball bearings, hinges and latches. It also protects these parts from corrosion and rust. On top of that, it can retain its lubricating properties for up to 260 degrees celsius. Previous versions of their greases were rated at only 190 degrees celsius.

Petron launches High Temperature Protection lubricants

With the launch of Petron's new High Temperature Protection line, the company says owners of high-performance vehicles in the country now have a line of products specifically formulated for the demands of their high-performance machines.