The popular Marvel comics known as The X-Men were people endowed with inborn powers. In this regard, Petron's newly launched unleaded gasoline (billed as Petron Xtra Unleaded) has inborn powers lacking in other unleaded gasolines.

For starters, one must know that Petron Xtra Unleaded is an environment-friendly, premium motor gasoline recommended for high compression engines, such as for vehicles toting displacements of 2.5 liters and below. Known previously as Petron Unleaded, this new unleaded gasoline is improved and reformulated; with high-performance additives that provide excellent engine cleaning and a unique catalyst that "conditions" the fuel, according to Petron. This ensures optimum vehicle performance, promoting more efficient combustions and better fuel consumption.

But what exactly are the powers of Xtra Unleaded?

One of Xtra Unleaded's abilities is its knack for becoming environment-friendly, thanks to a light virgin naphtha isomerization process (the first and only in the country) that lowers aromatics and benzene content. This makes Xtra Unleaded comply with the Clean Air Act as well as stringent Euro IV emission standards.

Xtra Unleaded also features gas saving boosters that promote a more complete combustion for better fuel economy. These boosters act as fuel conditioners which create a catalytic reaction and enable more oxygen to combine with carbon molecules, essential for a more complete burn within the piston walls. Also, these boosters make this unleaded gasoline burn longer with more uniformity, thus maximizing engine power.

Lastly, Xtra Unleaded features an excellent detergent package that provides protections against formation of intake valve deposits and allows for removal of existing engine deposits, which results in improved emissions and fuel economy.

Testing Xtra Unleaded's x-factors

In order to find out the fuel efficiency of Xtra Unleaded, Petron, along with legendary race car driver Pocholo Ramirez and son Louis and members of the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) and the Car of the Year Awards Group, Inc. (CAGI) conducted a fuel economy run last March 30-April 2, 2005. At the starting point at the Petron Bangui-Ilocos Norte (at the outskirts of Pagudpud) station, two Honda Jazz 1.3-liter manual transmission units (one driven by Pocholo Ramirez and the other driven by Louis Ramirez) were filled with Xtra Unleaded to the brim. The cars were to be driven in normal driving conditions until the cars literally spluttered to halt due to lack of fuel for two days.

The Honda Jazz of Louis Ramirez stopped at Bgy. Tabontabon in Daraga, Albay, with 1,048.8 kilometers logged on the odometer. In contrast, Pocholo Ramirez' Jazz reached Casiguran, Sorsogon, with 1,113.9 kilometer logged on the odometer. The test showed that Petron's Xtra Unleaded truly has powers not seen in other unleaded gasolines.