Oil industry leader Petron Corporation recently announced the latest version of its iconic marathon fuel economy run, with the Petron Xtra Mile Challenge Champions Run, set to run in early January 2008.

"How far can you go on one full tank of Petron Xtra Unleaded?" With the record 1,400-kilometers set by Team Zayco Hermanos in mid-2006 still standing, the winners of the previous Xtra Mile Challenge runs will make a fresh attempt to break the record. Also contending for a new record will be racing legend Pocholo Ramirez, who set the first record at 1,114-km in May 2005, with his son Louis Ramirez.

From the consumer edition of the Xtra Mile Challenge, run in 2006, are the following teams:

Team Zayco Hermanos (1,400-km) Emilio Zayco and Emmanuel Zayco, brothers from Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, and the current record-holders.
The 37th Team (1,390-km) Michael Asuncion and Grace Asuncion, married couple from Nueva Ecija.
Team AR (1,333-km) Auto Review producer/host Ron de los Reyes with son and co-host Ronald de los Reyes.

From the 2007 Xtra Mile Challenge Media Edition, are the following contenders:

The BusyBodies (1,343.7-km) assistant business editors Roman Floresca of The Philippine Star and Delfin Perez of the Manila Bulletin.
The Philippine Star Team (1,336-km) senior account executive Jeff Reyes and motoring contributor Lester Dizon.
DZRH/DZRB Team (1,326.7-km) DZRH senior reporter Jess Garcia with DZRB reporter Joseph Javier.

On top of the six winning teams, two more teams will be fielded by the racing Ramirez clan, led by patriarch Pocholo Ramirez, who will attempt to win back the record that he originally set in the first-ever run in 2005.

The Petron Xtra Mile Challenge Champions Run will travel the length of Luzon, from its northernmost tip in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, to the southernmost tip in Matnog, Sorsogon, before turning back. The competing cars are expected to run out of fuel around the area of Naga City, Camarines Sur, on the way back from Matnog, with high expectations for another record-breaking run.

Petron Xtra Unleaded's unique formulation ensures optimum engine performance and lower fuel consumption. It contains a high-performance detergent additive that provides excellent engine cleaning effect, and a unique catalyst that conditions the fuel for more efficient combustion. With its enhanced detergent and gas-saving packages, Petron Xtra Unleaded offers superior combustion for cleaner engine and better vehicle performance, as well as improved fuel economy for extra mileage.

The official vehicles for the 2008 Petron Xtra Mile Challenge Champions Run will be the Honda Jazz 1300 iDSi AT, and will be provided by the Honda Cars Makati group, Honda Cars Quezon City group, and Honda Cars Kalookan.

The national auto club, Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) and the motoring journalists group, Car Awards Group Inc. (CAGI), will act as official observers to verify the results of the Petron Xtra Mile Challenge Champions Run.