Get to your nearest Petron and Petro Gazz stations, pronto

In these trying times of soaring fuel costs, discounts on pump prices definitely become a big deal. And now, these two companies are taking steps to offer motorists a helping hand.

Petron introduced their Slash & Save promo for cardholders of Petron Value Card and Super Driver Card, while Petro Gazz is slashing their fuel prices until Sunday, March 13.

Petron, Petro Gazz announce limited fuel price cuts image

The Slash & Save promo will only be offered today, March 10. Basically, once you fill up, you still have to pay the regular price for their fuel products, but you get up to x10 points on your Value Cards.

According to Petron, the points earned within this promo date are equivalent to a PHP 2.00 per liter discount on your next top-up, which will be reflected on qualified transactions 3 days after fuel purchase from participating Petron stations.

Petron, Petro Gazz announce limited fuel price cuts image

On the other hand, Petro Gazz is doing an oil price rollback effective 6:00 AM, March 10 to 11:59 PM, March 13. According to Petro Gazz, this is to dampen the effects of rising fuel costs in the country. They are cutting prices of their fuel products by PHP 5.85 per liter for diesel, and PHP 3.60 per liter for gasoline.

With another major price increase looming for next week, today might be a good time to visit the nearest fuel stations of these two oil companies, and we hope others would follow suit as well.