All-new Peugeot 3008 to debut new i-Cockpit

There are mixed opinions about Peugeot and its trademark i-Cockpit dashboard. Some love it with its jet fighter-style layout, but some are not too sold on its steering wheel obscuring the view of the digital instrument panel.

Peugeot bares the look of next-generation i-Cockpit image

The latest evolution of the i-Cockpit could change all that. Peugeot has released the first images of its next-generation i-Cockpit, which will make its production debut in the all-new 3008 that's coming this year.

Needless to say, the evolution is quite impressive. The main change lies in the i-Cockpit's heads-up display. Peugeot has combined the instrument panel and the infotainment screen into the 21-inch high-definition curved panoramic screen, with an LED ambient lighting below it to create the “floating” effect.

The screen has been angled towards the driver and displays most of the important information one needs while driving. Also, based from the images, it looks like the steering wheel no longer blocks the view of the new screen.

Peugeot bares the look of next-generation i-Cockpit image

The central part of the dashboard is also an interesting take. For starters, it has Peugeot's i-Toggles – a fully customizable panel that lets the user define the functions that will appear, such as climate control, navigation, FM radio, or even speed dial.

Peugeot also removed the gearshift lever and instead went for a toggle switch-type control for the automatic gearbox. The manufacturer says they placed it beside the stop/start button for ergonomic reasons.

Peugeot bares the look of next-generation i-Cockpit image

Meanwhile, Peugeot says the steering wheel has the same size as that of what we see in their current model lineup. It has touch-sensitive controls which did not prove to be a popular feature for the likes of Volkswagen, who tried that solution before. But what's different with Peugeot is that the touch-sensitive controls have a tactile clicking function. This means the touch-sensitive controls are only activated when they are pressed.

We will get to see the production form of the new panoramic i-Cockpit once Peugeot reveals the all-new 3008 in September.