Eurobrands Distributor Inc. (EDI), the exclusive importer and distributor of Peugeot vehicles in the country, officially puts up its website to reach further out to the French carmaker's fans and customers locally.

The website is compliant with the international Peugeot website standards and features the entire vehicle lineup that's available locally. The website also thoroughly explains the technologies that are found in Peugeot vehicles like the eHDI micro hybrid technology and their diesel particulate filter(DPF), both of which are aimed to make a Peugeot as environment friendly as it can be.

“We at EDI believe that reaching out to our customers requires making ourselves and information about our products available to the public via the most accessible means possible.” says Dong Magsajo, marketing & communications director of EDI.


Aside from information about the brand's local vehicle lineup and the technologies that goes in it, the Peugeot website also has a list of its existing and future dealerships locally. Website visitors can also contact EDI for any inquiries regarding their products and services through the site's "contact us" page.

“We have stated from the onset that we will distinguish ourselves by making Peugeot – and relevant information about the company and our products – available to all who wish to consider this fantastic new line of vehicles that we are bringing into the country. Launching this official website is one more positive step towards making this promise a reality,” states Felix J. Mabilog, Jr., president of EDI.

The official Peugeot Philippines website can be found at