Like all other automakers in Europe, the Peugeot Group or Groupe PSA also shutdown their production plants and facilities last March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from government-imposed regulations, stopping production also helped the automaker protect the health of its employees from the disease.

Now that Europe is slowly easing up on strict lockdown measures, automakers in Europe have also begun restarting production. It’s the same case with the Peugeot Group as the French manufacturer slowly resumed partial operations earlier this week. However, they say that extra steps have been taken to ensure that their employees are protected.

A good number of safety measures are being implemented (in consultation with health services) at Peugeot Group facilities across Europe. Some of these measures include using individual transport when possible, temperature checks at the entrance of sites, individual supply of masks and alcohol, and social distancing. The automaker even went further by keeping doors open at all times to avoid contact with handles and constant clean of tools and work surfaces.

In addition to the implementation of new safety measures, Peugeot Group also deployed what they call “Protocol Referents”. According to the automaker, these people will be responsible for checking whether or not the new safety measures are being followed. They will also implement “corrective actions” when deemed necessary.

While the restrictions in the EU have been lightened, the virus is still around and can infect more people. The Peugeot Group is simply taking their safety measures to the next level with “protocol referents” and having doors open at all times to avoid contact. That way, their employees can be safe as production returns to normal.