Peugeot is getting with the times, as well as looking towards a more environmentally-friendly future. Recently, the French automaker announced that starting this year, all of their vehicles will become electrified.

This means that every vehicle they have on offer will feature some type of hybrid or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) tech that saves on fuel, while also delivering more horsepower and torque. Not only that, the company is also set to launch their new brand signature dubbed: ‘Motion and E-Motion’.

Peugeot greets 2019 with shift towards electrification image

Originally unveiled in 2010 to commemorate the brand’s 200th anniversary, it was Peugeot’s take on delivering new mobility solutions while also conforming to stricter emission and vehicle safety regulations. The addition of an ‘E’ on the brand signature itself signifies Peugeot’s commitment in making alternative means of power, transitioning from traditional designs to more high-tech builds.

In fact, the company has already started introducing hybrid and PHEV technologies on the 308, 508 and 3008. More powerful than the traditional PureTech turbos from before, the 308 and 508 models produce 225 PS from a 1.6-liter turbo-hybrid while the 3008 delivers more with 300 PS as standard.

Peugeot to electrify entire model lineup in 2019 image

Come next month during the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, Peugeot will also be presenting a new ‘Lion’ emblem. Designed by Peugeot Design Lab, not only will it symbolize the 160th anniversary of the Peugeot emblem, it will also signify the ‘pride, strength, and excellence of the brand itself in the midst of shifting towards electrified powertrains. 

The 2019 Geneva International Motor Show will run from March 7 until March 17 and will take place at the Palexpo, Le Grand-Saconnex in Switzerland.