Practical hands-on orientation may be the key to success for the young, underprivileged but well deserving youth who will be selected as scholars of the Porsche Training and Recruitment Centre Asia. Making this dream happen is revered German sportscar maker Porsche, in direct partnership with PGA Cars, Inc., the sole importer and distributor of Porsche cars in the Philippines.

The creation of the Porsche Training and Recruitment Centre Asia, the first and only Porsche training and recruitment facility outside Germany, is a salute to the skilled and hardworking Filipino worker who is easily able to adapt to learning the English language and to foreign cultures. It is also a testament to the sound corporate strategy and management capabilities of PGA Cars/Coyiuto Group of Companies to respond to the requirements of the global auto industry and make a significant investment on a worthwhile undertaking as a pioneer auto training facility in the country.

Don Bosco Technical Institute's Out-of-School-Youth Program has long been reaching out to financially challenged but discerning youth by offering vocational skills training with courses that include automotive mechanics, machine shop operation, computer engineering and basic electronics. Around 15 selected youth will form the first batch of trainees who will benefit from the opportunity of immersing themselves in training and eventually be on the road to a career in the automotive industry. Once they culminate the world-class training program that ensures a permanent exchange between theory and practice, the successful trainees will then be deployed to work as Porsche-certified mechanics to Porsche's worldwide dealership network, thereby securing an outstanding future for themselves and their families.

The first training facility of its kind in the Philippines, the Porsche Training and Recruitment Centre Asia also happens to be the first in Asia, making its inauguration and tie-up with Don Bosco Technical Institute of Makati a truly momentous event.

A special event has been organized by PGA Cars, Inc. led by its chairman Robert Coyiuto, Jr. to mark the collaborative venture and pioneer automotive training facility in the country. Flying in to represent Porsche are Managing Director Christer Ekberg and After Sales Manager Herwart Fleischer, both from Porsche Asia Pacific. Also gracing the event as special guest is German Ambassador to the Philippines, the honorable Christian Ludwig Weber-Lortsch.

PGA Cars, Inc. has long always been supportive of industrious, resourceful and promising marginalized youth, and has had the Scholarship & Apprenticeship program with Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI) years back. Porsche's support and interest in the program has been affirmed by Porsche Asia Pacific officials. Auto technicians/mechanics taken in by PGA Cars as trainees manifest hard work, resourcefulness and a discernible passion for cars.

"This new breed of Porsche technicians is a source of pride not only for PGA Cars but also for the country," as PGA Cars, Inc. Chair Robert Coyiuto, Jr. said. Porsche AG has decided to set up a pool of Porsche-ready technicians in response to a foreseeable market demand (with new Porsche models in the offing, luxury sportscar sales is expected to rise, thereby requiring more technicians with basic specialized training). They will eventually be sent to Porsche's after-sales global network in English-speaking countries.

Mr. Coyiuto revealed that a Level 3 Gold certified technician and trainor from Porsche AG will mentor the selected students. "We are targeting about 30 students annually from the Don Bosco Technical Institute Manpower Skills Training Center, as trainees," he also said. "They will obtain not just technical training but also access to the Porsche information network which is exclusive to Porsche partners."

Established in the early `70s, the Don Bosco Technical Institute Manpower Skills Training Center has served as good breeding ground for disadvantaged but promising youth who are provided a fighting chance in the local and overseas job markets. Salesian Bro. Elmer Rodriguez explained that trainees spend 10 months learning theory (later on to be supplemented by on-the-job training in companies that tap them based on their aptitude and attitude towards work). DBTI's Manpower Skills Training Center develops both technical skills required by an industrial setting that demands quality & hard work, and a good work ethic. The school churns out an average of 1,200 graduates a year. An estimated 85% of these graduates are absorbed by private companies in the Philippines or become dollar-earners in countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Singapore, and so on.

Bro. Elmer expresses gratitude that many out-of-school youths have been empowered, thanks to individuals and companies who believe in what the Don Bosco Technical Institute Manpower Skills Training Center does. "We hope companies that adopt corporate social responsibility, like PGA Cars, will sustain the support it has extended," Bro. Rodriguez said.

PGA Cars has long been creating one strategic position after another. The Porsche Training and Recruitment Centre Asia is among the initiatives it has taken, as part of setting its sights on emerging markets. In effect, it is creating value for its end-consumers, while sending a glimmer of hope for thousands of marginalized youth who can be potential upstarts in the international automotive job market.