The sales report card is in and after combining the numbers from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI), the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distribution (AVID), the Philippine automotive industry registered a growth of 28%.

Based on the combined figures from January to June 2014, the Philippine automotive industry had a total of 126,659 units sold as compared to the same period last year with 102,372, resulting to a 28% growth.

Industry Sales Report Card Jan. to June 2014

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation registered the most number of unit sales with 48,291 (+39.1%), followed by Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corporation with 25,066 (+17.8%) and taking the third spot is Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. with 11,651 units sold (+6.0%).

Ford Motor Company Philippines improved its ranking by claiming the fourth spot with 8,864 units (+41.6%). Isuzu Philippines also managed to improve its sales as the company took the fifth spot with 6,429 units sold (+11.7%).

On the other hand, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. is experiencing a slip in the sales rankings. Honda registered a total of 5,715 units sold as compared to the same period last year with 7,337 (-22.1%).

The performace of The Covenant Car Company (Chevrolet) is something of note as the company registered a growth of 79.1%. Currently, Chevrolet takes the eight spot with 4,066 units sold as compared to the same period last year with 2,270. Berjaya Auto Philippines Inc. (Mazda) also registered a decent percentage growth of 58.3% with a total of 1,477 units sold compared to the same period last year with 914.

Another thing of note is the performance of the Columbian Autocar Corporation (Kia) who registered a growth of 45.6% with a total of 4,241 units sold from January to June 2014. Pilipinas Hino Incorporated also had a significant growth of 39.9% with 473 units sold.

Interestingly, the registered sales of Subaru and Mazda is a thing to look at because based on the data, Subaru sits in eleventh spot, but only leads by 76 units. Kia and Chevrolet have also battling each other to claim the solid seventh spot. Currently, Kia leads Chevrolet by 175 units.

In the luxury segment, BMW still leads the way with 352 units, though Lexus has now pushed past Mercedes-Benz with 221 units and 200 units sold, respectively.