Last week we gave you the story regarding the upcoming Toyota Agya, a minicompact that will represent Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation in the entry level hatchback market.

A separate contact has confirmed that the Agya is indeed bound for the country and, not only that, it will be called by a different name for the Philippine market. As to what the name will be, our sources are still unsure.

Also, it was revealed to us that the 'Agya' will not be positioned to directly compete with the Mitsubishi Mirage (more or less) in the B-segment but rather against the entry level models in the A-segment. The target models that come to mind include the Hyundai Eon, Suzuki Alto as well as the hatchbacks from the Chinese manufacturers such as Chery, Haima, Lifan and the others.

The Agya (and Daihatsu Ayla) were both designed and engineered to meet the upcoming LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) requirement of the Indonesian government. This means that the car must have a price range of 50 million to 100 million Indonesian Rupiah (Around PhP 211,000 to PhP 422,000) to make it affordable for rural customers for increased motorization.

Also, LCGCs must.achieve 20 kilometers to the liter or better and have 60% of the components be of Indonesian manufacture. The Agya/Ayla will be produced at Astra Daihatsu's new plant in Karawang, Indonesia, and will take advantage of the free trade agreement between ASEAN countries when it is imported here.

Given that information, we can only speculate that the Toyota 'Agya' should be priced somewhere around the PhP 400,000 mark to about PhP 450,000, but that's only a theory.


Also, for a reference regarding the Agya's positioning, here's a quick size comparison of the upcoming model and its peers.

2014 Toyota Agya (Daihatsu Ayla shown)

L: 3600mm / W: 1600mm / H: 1520mm / Wheelbase 2450mm 

2013 Hyundai Eon

L: 3495mm / W: 1550mm / H: 1500mm / Wheelbase: 2380mm

2013 Suzuki Alto

L: 3495mm / W: 1475mm / H: 1460mm / Wheelbase: 2360mm


2013 Mitsubishi Mirage (for reference)

L: 3710mm / W: 1665mm / H: 1490mm / Wheelbase: 2450mm