The Lexus LM was only introduced earlier this year, but customers around the world are already flocking to dealerships in order to line up for the new luxury minivan. Now, you would expect this to be the case in countries like Hong Kong, China, Singapore, or Japan where the Alphard and Vellfire are virtually everywhere. But actually, it is also the same case here in the Philippines.

PH customers already lining up to buy Lexus minivan image

Yes, customers in the Philippines have also begun lining up for the LM. In fact, after a quick call to Lexus Manila, we found out that customers already made reservations for the LM as soon as the minivan was revealed in Shanghai. More so, we were told that there are already been more than 100 reservations placed for the unit. However, examples of the LM are only expected to arrive next year.

For now, there is still no word as to which variant of the LM will Lexus bring in. During its world premiere, the Lexus LM was introduced in two configurations: a standard seven-seat arrangement or the more exclusive 4 seat variant. It was also offered in two variants – LM 350 or LM 350h.

PH customers already lining up to buy Lexus minivan image

In review, the LM is essentially a dressed up Toyota Alphard, fitted with all the posh features and goodies you’d find in a Lexus. One can still easily recognize the Alphard shape despite the makeover, which includes a massive spindle grill, ES-style headlights, and a full-width LED taillight. Inside, Lexus also went all out with the luxury treatment especially with the four-seat variant which features a partition between the driver and rear occupants.

So, if you’re planning to purchase a Lexus LM, better reserve a slot now for only Php 100,000 now before the queue gets even longer. Or, you can also settle for an Alphard, but it won’t be as luxurious.